Chapter 1: Late Again  

Inside an open area, filled with nothing but grass. A golden-haired muscular middle-aged man was glaring at a black-haired kid with angry eyes because the kid broke his son's teeth with a punch.

The black-haired kid's name was Kyle. He turned 15 a few weeks ago and awakened his talent today.

Talent was something that determined everyone's potential, the moment one awakened their talent they were able to walk on a new path. A path filled with magical and extraordinary abilities.

Kyle glared back at the golden-haired man before coldly looking at the 15-year-old golden-haired boy standing behind the man.

'Why should I apologize? It's Sen's fault.'

Kyle's father Baron Ohan who was standing beside him looked at him with worry. The golden-haired man standing in front of them was called John.


John wasn't someone they could afford to fight. He was above their league.

The only thing Baron Ohan had was the useless title of 'Baron' he acquired after helping some Nobles.

'I can't let anything happen to Kyle.'

With a worried expression, Baron Ohan lowered his head and apologized because he was too weak to protest.

Kyle's eyes widened when he saw his father's actions but then realization dawned at him. He looked at John with a blank face.

'Ah...they are strong. We can't do anything.'


He failed to consider the fact that the world they were living in was ruled by the strong. In this world where power was supreme, he was just an ordinary person.

With a blank expression, Kyle grabbed Baron Ohan's shoulder.

"I was the one who hit him. I will apologize for my mistake."

Kyle lowered his head and apologized to the golden-haired kid who was standing behind John. His fists were clenched and his eyes were extremely cold.

Sen looked at Kyle with disdain before leaving with his father. While walking, he gave Kyle another glance and mumbled under his breath.

"Tsk, weak Ants."


Baron Ohan looked at Kyle with a worried expression.


Kyle shook his head with an expressionless face. In the end, his reckless actions would have placed his family in danger.

"I am fine father."

He was fine but the brilliant light present within his black eyes dimmed.

'An Ant.'

The word 'Ant' resounded inside Kyle's head again and again because he knew even if he worked hard and tried his best, he would never be able to lessen the gap between Sen and himself.

'What's the point of getting angry and thinking so much when I can't even touch him in this life.'

ONE YEAR LATER; Nyan city;

Within a decent-looking large house. A black-haired middle-aged man was sitting in a dining hall with his two older sons.

It was Baron Ohan. He was having breakfast with his family after a long busy week.

There were four chairs around the dining table which was filled with light yet delicious breakfast. Unfortunately, even after Baron Ohan was almost done eating the last chair stayed empty.

A few moments later, a young boy entered the hall with a sleepy expression.

Just like Baron Ohan, the boy had black eyes and dark black hair but for some reason the corners of the youth's black hair were silver.

The boy was Kyle, Baron Ohan's youngest son.

After nodding at his father, Kyle approached the dining table and started eating without any care.

Baron Ohan gazed at Kyle's hair with a sigh. For some reason last month the corner of Kyle's black hair turned silver.

At first, the Baron was worried due to the strange change but even after asking around for a while he didn't find any problem with Kyle's health.

'It's fine as long as he is healthy.'

Baron Ohan looked at Kyle with a smile.

"Late again."

"Sorry Father, I overslept."

Noticing Kyle's lazy attitude, Baron Ohan's eldest son Ray frowned.

With a sigh, Ray shook his head because Kyle being late for breakfast was very normal. He also often skipped breakfast due to his lazy nature.

While Kyle was eating a piece of bread, his second brother Neon looked at him with a mischievous smile.

"Kyle tomorrow the Royal Academy is holding a test to find young talents. You should participate!"

'Royal Academy' is a name known by almost everyone on the East Continent due to its prestige and old history.

It was also known as the Number 1 Academy of Kingdom Escalante because the Principal of the Academy was the strongest person in the Kingdom.

The Academy held a test every year to find new talents to nurture. Everyone between the age of 16-17 was eligible to participate, as long as the person was not a criminal.

Kyle turned 16 this year that's why Neon wanted him to participate.

Kyle almost choked on the bread he was eating and looked at Neon with a gaze saying,

'Are you talking to me?'

He put the bread back on the table and blinked his eyes.

Even Ray who awakened (A)-Rank talent didn't pass the Royal Academy test. Just how would he, a meager (B)-Rank talent stand a chance?

In this magical planet called 'Blue Planet' where different races ruled together, talent was something that determined everyone's potential, because the higher talent one had the more powerful one could become in the future.

Humans, elves, dwarfs, and all the other races present on the planet can awaken a talent after the age of 15. The lowest being (F)-Rank and the highest being (SSS)-Rank.

Each rank was further divided into 3 different sub ranks (F-), (F), and (F+).

Kyle only awakened a (B)-Rank talent which is why he didn't want to become a warrior or mage. Heck! He wanted to stay thousands of meters away from everything that had any relation with fighting!

Ray looked at Kyle blank expression. A smirk appeared on his face and he hurriedly joined the conversation. He wanted his lazy brother to suffer a little.

"It's a good suggestion. Kyle, you should participate. Even if you fail, well you will fail anyway but you can get valuable experience through it."

Baron Ohan looked perplexed but seeing Ray's narrow eyes, he immediately nodded his head in agreement.

He was a wealthy merchant, being (B)-Rank himself, he knew the world they were living in was cruel to the weak.

Both of his firstborn sons have experienced setbacks but Kyle being the youngest was always lazy and carefree. He wished for Kyle to grow up and experience the outside world.

Baron Ohan knew the Royal Academy test was hard but he wasn't worried because, unlike other Academies, there had never been a death casualty in the Royal Academy entrance test.

Their entrance test was harder than any other Academy but they made sure to keep all the participants alive.

Kyle gazed at his father and then at his brothers. He wanted to cry because they were wearing serious expressions.

He showed a gloomy expression to his father, indicating he was not happy but he was completely ignored.

Kyle shifted his angry eyes toward Neon, the reason for his suffering!

A few years ago, Neon also awakened (B)-Rank talent just like him but he applied for the local Academy instead of the Royal Academy.

'Why do I have to participate in the cruel test of the Royal Academy?'

Kyle grumbled inwardly. He liked the peaceful and lazy life he was living with his family.

From a very young age, he was never a competitive person and after his mother's death, he became even less outgoing.

Afterward, Kyle awakened a (B)-Rank talent which was greater than his expectations but among the kids his age his talent was the lowest.

That's why they started looking down at him and he became the target of their mockery.

'Well, I won't even call them friends. They were just passersby in my life.'

In the end, Kyle stopped interacting with everyone and started leading an ordinary life with his family.

He practiced basic sword moves due to his elder brother's continuous nagging but that's all. He never tried hard because it was too bothersome.

What's the point of working hard, when he already knew his limits?

He Just wanted to live his whole life goofing around. After a few years, he would start a small business around the city and live a comfortable life.

Kyle sighed. His dreams of normal life were shattered because of his dam brother who is currently stuffing himself in front of him.

'I wish you choke on the food you are eating.'

Neon who was eating suddenly felt a shiver run down his spine. He gazed at the only culprit Kyle!

"I believe you are cursing me inwardly?"

Kyle blinked his eyes innocently and showed a confused expression. He looked back.


Neon wanted to throw a punch at Kyle but took a deep breath to calm down and started eating again.

'I will see him suffer tomorrow anyway.'

On the other hand, Kyle gazed at Neon again with narrowed eyes. He was cursing again. It seems he has no choice in this matter.

'It's not like I will pass the test. So, trying it for the sake of experience isn't a big deal.'

'The only problem is that I won't be able to guarantee that my body parts will stay intact until the end of the entrance test.'